About Us

Semos is leading IT solutions provider based in Skopje - Macedonia with 39 years of market presence.
Through years of experience and by carefully listening to our client’s needs we gain niche and business process knowledge which in return empowers our team to deliver top of the line custom tailored solutions for their businesses. Our team of experts is up to the highest professional and ethical standards, experienced to work in multinational and multicultural teams, constantly trained in the cutting-edge technologies.
Security, robustness and innovation are built in every design of our products and services and are well managed throughout the process of development and maintenance.
The built in craftsmanship and expertise sums up in unique client experience, trust and long lasting partnerships.

Company Profile

Founded in 1995, as a successor of the first Macedonian IT company from 1984, Semos, together with its daughter companies - Semos Education, Semos Cloud and Certiadria is today a private company situated in Skopje.

Skillfully implementing IT trends in the global market, thus promoting the business to the satisfaction of over 200 clients.

Creating renowned and secure software solutions and putting forward high-end professional services hence introducing various businesses with IT benefits.

Semos strives towards continuous growth and expansion of the number of products and services - all based on the different needs of our clients, as well as the technological, business and working changes of the market.

Semos measures permanent increase in the number of users with constant improvement of the client relationship and creating a consumer-focused working atmosphere.

Semos is working closely with the customers as together they create the solutions for realizing their needs by meeting close deadlines, modifying applications and services according to the changes in their everyday businesses.

Semos invests in continuous employee education thus providing a professional team ready to adjust new technologies with our customers’ needs.

The enjoyable atmosphere, fantastic working relationships and the common goal for better future of nearly 40 employed professionals are something that the experienced management is proud of, as they lead the company towards new accomplishments. Investing in its employees and new technologies and also anticipating new global trends, brought Semos the prestige title as it became the first Microsoft Solution Provider in Macedonia, 1997.

Producing business application software adjusted to the individual needs of our clients is a part of everyday obligations of the IT professionals in Semos, led by the first Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) in Macedonia.

Due to the everyday efforts for improvement Semos is a proud owner of many accomplishments.
Some of them are:

Microsoft Partners with the Learning Solutions Competency specialize in delivering high-end technical learning solutions to their customers. Earning this Competency identifies members of Microsoft’s premier commercial training and delivery channel, making it easier to expand the scope of services and market potential. Microsoft Gold Certified Partners with the Learning Solutions Competency deliver a range of information technology and developer training services based on Microsoft technology.

SQL Server provides customers with a comprehensive integrated database server and information platform that offers a complete set of enterprise-ready technologies and tools that help people gain the most value from information at the lowest total-cost-of-ownership. These requirement changes enable partners to build the skills necessary to deliver those solutions.

Microsoft Gold Certified Partners enrolled in the Networking Infrastructure Solutions Competency have proved their competency in implementing technology solutions based on Microsoft Windows Server™. With the Gold Datacenter competency we are able to deliver comprehensive architecture solutions on a robust, streamlined, and scalable Microsoft infrastructure platform that can run in the customer’s datacenter, as a partner-hosted service, in a private cloud, or in a hybrid environment.

The Microsoft ISV/Software Solutions Competency recognizes the skill and focus partners bring to a particular solution set. Microsoft Gold Certified Partners that have obtained this competency have a successful record of developing and marketing packed software based on Microsoft technologies.

The Silver Messaging competency recognizes expertise in implementation, design, deployment, and support of Microsoft Exchange. This Microsoft Silver Messaging competency showcases our expertise in today’s technology market and demonstrates our knowledge of Microsoft and its products.

Companies are struggling to understand and analyze the tremendous amount of data that they have accumulated over the past few decades—at all levels of their organizations and across multiple devices. These companies need powerful business intelligence (BI) solutions that, in addition to providing self-service capabilities, can accommodate the full spectrum of reporting and analysis requirements, which enable IT to more effectively satisfy the needs of the business. Earning the Microsoft Business Intelligence competency provides the software, tools, and training that can help you meet this demand—and in the process, help you build trust and confidence with your customers, which can mean increased revenue, more business, and a larger market share The Microsoft Business Intelligence Solutions Competency is designed to provide additional benefits and support to Microsoft Certified and Gold Certified Partners with proven competency in implementing solutions specializing in data warehousing and other business intelligence solutions. Microsoft Gold Certified Partners enrolled in the Business Intelligence Solutions Competency have proved their competency in deploying solutions that feature data warehousing, business intelligence, online analytical processing, data mining, decision support and in-depth reporting solutions.